3 Key Benefits of Having Your Kitchen Professionally Remodeled

The kitchen is a core part of any home, providing your family with a space to laugh, bond, and eat delicious meals. However, you may find that your current kitchen space is not as efficient, spacious, or stylistically pleasing as you would like. According to a recent Houzz study, 42% of those renovating their home say they are upgrading their kitchen because their current setup is no longer serving their current needs. Read here to further understand a few reasons why you should invest in professional kitchen remodeling services.

1. Create More Space

Whether you’re expecting your family to grow or you simply desire a more spacious kitchen for organization purposes, the exceptional team at Callahan & Peters is here to provide a transformative remodel. Depend on our in-house construction experts to open up your space to execute a cohesive open-concept layout. Furthermore, you’ll find that an expansion of your cooking area will allow you to better organize and store all of your kitchen goods. Our crew is happy to provide you with insights into how we can implement cabinetry and storage solutions that make better use of your kitchen space.

2. Choose Modern Appliances That Fit Your Lifestyle

As part of the design-build remodeling process, the professionals at Callahan & Peters are dedicated to recommending, sourcing, and installing major kitchen additions that enhance the functionality and style of this space. Experience major quality-of-life improvements with the implementation of energy-efficient, modern kitchen appliances. If your goal is to boost the eco-friendliness of your home with a high-end refrigerator, dishwasher, or oven, we’re the team to call. Part of our collaborative work with our clients entail making kitchen implementations that perfectly complement your home’s interior design, so you can expect attention to detail when it comes to the finishes, colors, and functions of your new appliances.

3. Maximize Your Home’s Style

Solidifying your vision for your dream home can only be done with a design build team like Callahan & Peters. With every aspect of your remodel project, our in-house interior design experts can recommend and source decor, fixtures, flooring, and wall transformations made of materials that perfectly express your personal style. Whether you envision rustic finishes or minimalistic designs, we’re here to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Are you interested in revitalizing your home? If so, then turn to our renowned design build company, Callahan & Peters. Our exceptional crew takes pride in consistently delivering remarkable remodeling experiences for our clients in Glenview, IL. We look forward to speaking with you.