Jack Murphy
Assistant Production Manager

Jack has been with Callahan & Peters since July 2023. He previously worked in Iowa City with a development company and has been interested in construction for years prior, since his first experience on a service project in the Appalachian Mountains. In addition to helping everything run smoothly on site to keep projects on schedule, Jack is usually the first person our clients see in the morning. He provides updates on what to expect throughout the day and documents the entire process, so clients can see everything that goes into making their space.

“I enjoy seeing the transformation from beginning to end of each project. I also really enjoy meeting clients and helping them picture what is to come. My favorite part of the process is when drywall is hung, which always makes it easier to visualize your new space.”

Jack is a graduate from The University of Iowa with a degree in enterprise leadership and management. He is also Lead RRP certified.

Off the job site Jack enjoys going to the gym, concerts and events in the city, and playing the acoustic guitar. Standing at 6’7” he also really enjoys the weather up there. For anyone asking, the weather is great!