Ryan Balmes
Estimating & Field Assistant

Ryan joined Callahan & Peters in 2014. He has experience in the field on job sites and in the office as an Estimator, which is now his primary focus, creating budgets and helping to realize the first stage of a project.

“I love how every job is different with its own surprises and opportunities and our ability to improve a client’s daily life for years to come. It matters to me that everyone at Callahan &Peters shares my values and wants to make our clients happy.”

Ryan holds aBachelor of Science in Industrial Technologies with a concentration inConstruction Management from Eastern Illinois University, and he is trained in computer-aided design(CAD), including Chief Architect. He enjoys this industry because it allows him to be both in the field and utilize his skills in the office to create a product, which he can see progress from start to finish.

Now a "retired" college rugby player, Ryan enjoys the outdoors–working on projects, hiking, gardening, wildlife viewing, and fishing. He also likes spending time with close friends and family, including his best bud and former roommate, Miss Vader the Cat.